Yun's Place

a Boston and Cambridge bed and breakfast with Internet, parking

66 Hopedale St, Boston, MA 02134

+1-617-500-7899 (Alan)


• A double bed or two single beds
• Central air-conditioning
• Self-serve breakfast
• Internet access via WiFi
• Use of a computer
• Towels, soap, shampoo, and hairdryer
• Off-street parking
• Local phone service
• Use of washer and dryer
All for no extra charge
One guestroom has a double (queen-size) bed and can comfortably accommodate a couple. And we have central air conditioning for when it gets too hot. Guestroom 1
Guestroom 2 Our other guestroom has two single beds for friends. This room too has central air conditioning.
We offer complimentary use of a computer, Internet access, and local phone service. Computer room
Kitchen In our kitchen, we offer you complimentary breakfast. Since you serve yourself, so you can have as much as you want when you want. You may also take bottled water when you go out.
Our bathrooms are shared, but we rent only two rooms, have two bathrooms, and give you as much privacy as possible. Bathroom
Off-street parking We also offer complimentary off-street parking.